Lindsey Stone - Massachusetts Native

Originally hailing from the east coast of Massachusetts, Lindsey Stone caught the travel bug at an early age thanks to frequent family vacations throughout North America. As her father’s job required significant amounts of travel, Stone and her family were able to turn work into an opportunity for discovering some of the continent’s major cities, from Vancouver, Canada, to San Antonio, Texas, and many more in between. Closer to home, Lindsey Stone has also made many trips to nearby New Hampshire and Maine, taking time to escape city life and explore the states’ woods and natural parks.

International travel has been a more recent discovery for Lindsey Stone, and is an experience she is eager to repeat. On trips to Ireland, Spain, and Portugal with friends, Stone was thrilled to see new and different architecture, including the famous Gaudi buildings in Barcelona; visit unique landscapes like the Cliffs of Moher on Ireland’s west coast; and sample authentic local cuisine. Future dream destinations for Stone include France, Egypt, Australia, and Japan.

When not traveling, Stone stays active by water skiing, playing tennis, and running; she has previously run 14 5K races in a single summer. An avid music lover since receiving her first Walkman at the age of five, she enjoys listening to a wide variety of artists and goes to concerts and music festivals whenever possible. To date, her favorite concert experience was a No Doubt show she attended in 2009, which included an encore during which they played her favorite song, "Sunday Morning."

Professionally, Stone works in human services, where she focuses on communication skills training for children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders.